JDE Coffee Malaysia

Portfolio Description

JDE, short for Jacobs Douwe Egberts, stands as a prominent coffee and tea company headquartered in The Netherlands. It has successfully spread the love for coffee and tea across the world through its distinguished brands such as L’OR, Jacobs, OldTown, and Pickwick. 🍵☕ Among its presence in over 100 countries, AI Associates takes pride in crafting their beautifully designed offices in Singapore and Malaysia. 🌍

Their Malaysia office is a vibrant blend of functionality and creativity. Upon entering, your attention is drawn to a curved wall featuring a digital printed wallpaper showcasing JDE’s sub-brands. The use of digital printing extends throughout the entire workspace, infusing it with vibrancy and energy, while simultaneously emphasizing the company’s values, rich history, and distinctive brand identity.🏢

The modern and sleek reception area welcomes visitors with calming palette and pops of vibrant colors. This space was carefully crafted to create a welcoming and engaging entrance point. By combining elements of industrial, Scandinavian and corporate design, we have built a harmonious and inviting ambiance.✨

In this human-centric workplace, the open pantry area incorporates a work café setting for a relaxed work and lounging, with loose furniture, including stylish Scandi chairs and stools, complemented by industrial ceiling and lighting.💡

Portfolio Details

  • Client:

    10,000 sq. ft.

  • Skills:
  • Location:

    Surian Tower, Malayia