MSIG Singapore

Portfolio Description

AI Associates has transformed a total of 40,000 sq. ft. space into MSIG Insurance’s forward-looking workplace tailored for the post-pandemic world. The guiding principle behind this design is to seamlessly blend the comforts of home with the essential elements supporting both focused individual work and collaborative endeavors.

The primary goal is to create a workspace that prioritizes employee well-being, inclusivity, flexibility, and sustainability, encapsulating the dynamic demands of the modern workforce.

The MSIG office is a testament to this vision, offering a diverse array of work settings that cater to various work styles and preferences. From the welcoming reception area to the flexible hot-desk spaces, the well-equipped conference rooms, and the cozy focus pods, every corner is thoughtfully designed to accommodate the wide-ranging needs of its employees.

Portfolio Details

  • Client:

    40,000 sq. ft.

  • Location:

    Shenton Way, Singapore